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Egyptian Social Insurance and Labor Laws

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The first & second day: Egyptian Labor Law No. 12 of the Year 2003
Aiding corporate specialists in understanding the new law legislations and related regulations, and their explanations according to the most recent amendments. How to apply the new law and be aware of common and expected misapplications.
•    Work and its importance
•    Historical background on legislations controlling labor in Egypt.
•    Preparatory work for the new Labor Law.
•    Objectives meant by the legislator to be achieved through the new law.
•    Structure of the new labor law
•    Pronouncement articles
•    Introduction and general procedures
•    Individual labor relationships
•    Individual work contract
•    Pay
•    Workers’ duties and responsibilities
•    Leaves
•    Work regulations
•    Termination of work relation
•    Case Studies
• Collective work relations
• Cooperation and consultation
• Group negotiation
    •    Definition of negotiation
    •    Levels of negotiation
    •    Negotiation parties
    •    Negotiation procedures
    •    Negotiation problems
• Collective work agreements
    •    Definition of a work agreement
    •    Conditions of agreement
    •    Effects of agreement condition
    •    Renewal, amendment and carrying out the agreement
• Collective work  disputes
• Definition of collective work disputes
• Dispute resolving methods
    •    Mediation
    •    Arbitration
    •    Private Umpiring
    •    Right of demonstration
Inspection and entitlement
• Work inspection
• Penalties:
    •    Fines
    •    Imprisonment
    •    Closing down
    •    Case studies and application
Legal consultant: Fawzy Soliman.
The third & fourth day:
Egyptian Social Insurance Act No. 79 or the year 1975
This specialized training program aims at providing participants with the context of legislative concepts of the social security law, being the applied outset which ensures the integration between legal requirements and the flow of work within the establishments, in areas concerning the law and its applications.
• The philosophy of social insurance concept.
• Areas of application.
    •    Insurance against senility, disability and death.
    •    Financing insurance.
    •    Pension and compensation
    •    Rules of calculating some of the insured members' premiums.
    •    Insurance on work injury.
    •    Finance
    •    Treatment and medical care.
    •    Provisions relating to membership of insured parties in the private sector.
    •    Provisions concerning private sector insured parties.
    •    Basis of premium calculations.
    •    Premium collection guarantees.
    •    Sanctions.
    •    The relation between law 156/2002 and the social insurance act.
Legal consultant: Mohamed El-Sayyad.
Target Group:
•    Directors of personnel, social insurance departments and wage and salaries supervisors.
•    Human Resources directors and managers.
•    Supervisors of all departments concerned with application of the law.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in Arabic.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic.


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