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Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant

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The role of the secretary is rapidly changing and he/she is taking on more of the work of the manager. He/she needs to develop administrative skills into managerial talents in order to enable his/ her superior to delegate work with assurance.

To identify and correct deficiencies, enhance strengths and promote professionalism in the modern executive secretary and administrator.

You will Learn how to:
•    Develop and effective communication strategy with your boss and gain respect from other employees 
•    Apply techniques for solving day to day administrative problems 
•    Conduct efficient, effective meetings 
•    Develop necessary business manual and records management processes 
•    Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills 
•    Enhance your personal performance within your organization 
•    Understand what your organization requires from you to increase your value
•    Realize how to develop your career 
•    Project the right corporate image 
•    Develop your stress management techniques 
•    Build your confidence and learn how to delegate without creating an atmosphere 
•    Discover how to influence your boss 
•    Priorities when working for more than one boss 
•    Identify career tip ways of being a model employee 
•    Understand different cultures in the work place 
•    Anticipate your bosses requirements before he has to ask you 
•    What managers want from today’s secretaries 
•    How to control time instead of having time control you 
•    A look at new technology and its impact 

Target group:
•    Executive Secretaries 
•    Personal Assistants 
•    Executive Assistants 
•    Senior Secretaries 
•    Administrators wishing to enhance their ability to perform and be happier with their responsibilities.
•    Those working in the office environment with responsibility for the efficient administration and co-ordination of the physical, administrative and human resources of a department.
Setting Goals
•    Defining goals setting 
•    Thought to motivate you to set goals 
•    Separating real from neurotic goals from ideals to action 
Improving and managing a successful relationship with your boss 
•    Deepen on your understanding of your managers challenges 
•    Setting a solid foundation in the partnership 
•    The non-communication manager 
•    Dealing with difficult personalities 
•    Manager/Secretarial partnership 
•    Managing stressful situations –how to stay calm 
•    Making a decision, does your boss permit you to take initiative? 
Developing a productivity working relationship with your boss –how to make a winning team? 
•    How do you find out about each others personality traits to ensure a smooth working relationship?
•    Generating goodwill getting to trust each other?
•    How do you deal with your bosses changing moods?
•    Benefits of adapting your style to compliment your bosses style 
•    Anticipating each others needs –how to deliver before you are asked?
•    What are the main prerequisites for being a winning team?  
Working for more than one boss
•    Setting priorities –deciding what can wait and what needs to be done now 
•    Understanding the functions of our bosses and their priorities 
•    The importance of open communications 
•    Increasing your effectiveness by developing your organization skills 
•    Elements necessary for good communication 
•    Step to communicate well 
•    Charting out your personality 
•    Understanding your strengths and stresses
•    To be aware of the communication process in business.
•    To use the appropriate communication medium
•    To be aware of the causes of communication breakdown.
•    To practice effective listening techniques
•    To identify the procedures for planning and preparing a successful presentation
•    To be aware of the use of visual aids and technology in presenting information
•    Communication and gender and age 
•    Dealing with difficult personalities through the right communication skills.
Managing your time and operations to increase your personal effectiveness  
•    How to optimize the use of your time?
•    To learn the techniques of effective time management
•    Planning the first ten minutes 
•     Avoiding the busy trap
Understanding job priorities
Using the two-way communication
Prioritizing tasks
Using a tracking system
Understanding urgency
Addressing excuses 
Achieving success
Number of Techniques that Aim to Increase the Effectiveness of a Person in Getting the Things Done.
•    To-do list 
•    Goal setting 
Rational goals
Directional goals
Muddling through
•    Value and cost of meeting 
•    Types of meetings
•    Successful meeting leader and participants 
•    Meeting process 
•    The manager / secretary meeting the second magic ten minutes 
•    Learn how to control time during meetings
•    Controlling your telephone 
•    Dissolving time loss causes 
Creative thinking & problem solving
•    Defining problem solving 
•    Planning your strategy 
•    Exploring alternative decision 
•    Taking real problems and working through them 
•    Five style for dealing with conflicts
Creating a high profile
•    Identifying the barriers 
•    How to move forward 
•    How to become more influential and productive 
•    Report to your manager 
•    Creating a personal action plan  
Building your reputation- What makes you a top of the range Executive Secretary.
•    Who are the people you can learn from inside/ outside the organization 
•    What is a mentor? Do you have one?  
•    Dedication –how much should you enjoy the work you do take pride in it? 
•    Loyalty and discretion –are the title white lies acceptable?
•    Appearance –does your personal appearance really reflect the worth you place in yourself 
•    Good common sense and logic 
•    Discipline, efficiency and ability to organize 
Making the office technology work for you
•    Making maximum use of your personal computer- Using the different software to organize your work. 
•    Using e-mail to improve communication 
•    The Internet – what it can do for you?  
The future role of the PA/Executive Secretary
•    The factors currently affecting your role 
•    Changes to the role –is it an opportunity or threat?
•    The role in the future – where do we go from here?
•    What skill attributes and qualifications do you need?
•    Tips on ways to gain skills that will help you stay ahead.

•    The language of instruction will be in English /Arabic
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.


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