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Interviewing Skills & Job Analysis

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To prepare Non-Human-Resources Professionals to conduct interviews and select the best candidates for their teams. 
The main purpose of job analysis is to show you how to analyze a job and write job description. We’ll see that analyzing jobs involves determining in detail what the job entails and what kind of people the firm should hire for the job.
Basic features of interviews
Types of interviews

•    Selection interview
•    Personal or individual interview
  • unstructured sequential interview
  • structured sequential interview
  • panel interview
  • mass interview
•    Appraisal interview
•    Exit interview 
Interview format 
•    Structure interview
•    Not structure interview 
Interview content 
•    Situational interview
•    Behavioral interview
•    Job-related interview
•    Stress interview
Planning and preparing the interview
•    Steps for planning an interview 
  • Review the résumé 
  • Think of possible questions the candidate might ask 
  • Write lead questions 
  • Plan your agenda 
  • Prepare the environment 
  • Clear your mind
Handling and conducting the interview
Suggested questions for the interview.
Managing Biases  
Types of bias

•     “Halo” effect    
•     “Person like me” effect
•     “Horns” effect
What can undermine interview usefulness??
•    First impression 
•    Candidate – order 
•    Misunderstanding the job 
•    Nonverbal behaviours 
Closing the interview
Evaluating the candidate and making decision

•    Steps to evaluate the candidate
  • Summarize the interview. 
  • Score the candidate. 
  • Check references.
Interviewer Self-evaluation 
•    The nature of job analysis 
•    Uses of job analysis information 
•    Steps in job analysis
•    Methods of collecting job analysis information 
•    Qualitative job analysis techniques
  • Interview 
  • Typical questions
  • Interview guidelines
  • Questionnaire 
  • Observation 
  • Participant Dairy / logs
•    Quantitative job analysis technique    
  • Position analysis questionnaire
  • functional job analysis
•    Writing job descriptions
  • Job identification 
  • job summary
  • responsibilities and duties
  • standard of performance 
  • working conditions
  • job specifications 
•    Writing job specifications 
  • specifications for trained versus untrained personnel
  • specifications based on judgment
  • specification based on statistical analysis
•    Job Analysis in Jobless world 
  • defining job 
  • jobs terms from specialized to enlarged jobs 
  • job enlargement 
  • job enrichment 
  • Job rotation 
  • Dejobbing
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in English / Arabic.


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