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Lockout/Tagout – The Art of Isolating Energy Sources While Doing Maintenance Work on Equipment

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The objective of this program is to describe the necessary steps to shut down equipment and isolate it from different sources of potentially hazardous energy, so that maintenance and servicing work can be done without jeopardizing the safety of maintenance personnel, due to the sudden or accidental release of energy while they are working on equipment and in close contact with hazardous parts.
1.    Scope of Lockout/Tagout
2.    Forms of potential energy
3.    Definitions
4.    The main components of the energy control program
5.    Materials and Hardware
6.    Requirements for the Lockout / Tagout devices
7.    Group Lockout/Tagout requirements
8.    Shift and personnel changes
Duration / Venue / Conditions / Tools:
(1)    Seminar will be from 09:00 to 03:00
(2)    Will last for one day with a total of 6 hours
(3)    Will be conducted in client’s premises.
(4)    Will have a maximum of 15 participants
(5)    Will be conducted in Arabic / English language 


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