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Problem Solving and Decision Making

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As an individual, facts and knowledge can only go so far. Solving tough problems requires the ability to define the true problem, analyze the possible causes, create options, select the most feasible option, and then implement it. This workshop should help individuals and groups enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn new ways to approach problem solving to reach win-win decisions.

Module 1 (Self Awareness and Self-Management)
•    Identifying what problems are and how to anticipate them
•    Emotional Intelligence in Problem Solving
•    Creating the roadmap
•    The Problem solving Cycles
•    Cognitive biases in problem solving
•    Mental “Reframing” and managing expectations
Module 2 (Problem Identification and setting the Framework)
•    What type of leader are you?
•    Who are the stake holders involved and what are their concerns
•    Laying the Logical Framework for solving problems
•    Avoiding group think
•    Handling conflict in group meetings
•    Aligning different thinking styles
•    Where to focus
Module 3 (Problems and Analyzing Root Causes)
•    Distinguishing Symptoms from real Problems
•    Identifying Symptoms of a problem
•    Creating Problems Statements  and Outcomes
•    Distinguishing between Problems/Symptoms and Causes
•    3 Effective Techniques to analyze root Causes
•    How are causes related 
•    On which cause to focus on
Module 4 (Analyzing and leveraging group resources)
•    S.W.O.T analysis for Clarity
•    Strategies to utilize strengths and tackle weaknesses
•    Stimulating creativity
•    Mental Agility
•    Motivation for achieving outcomes
Module 5 (Coming up with Alternatives)
•    Avoiding Brain Fog
•    Brainstorming Basics
•    How to run a brainstorming meeting
•    Brainwriting for coming up with solutions
•    Concept Fans for solutions when the group/individual gets stuck  
Module 6 (Making Decisions)
•    Logical Grid Analysis
•    Focusing on the right solution
•    The Walt Disney Strategy for multiple perspectives
•    To go or not to go for a decision
•    Reviewing and refining strategies

What Will Participants Learn?
•    Increase your awareness of problem solving steps and problem solving tools.
•    Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.
•    Improve your problem solving and decision making skills through identifying your own problem solving style.
•    Identify ways to think creatively and work towards creative solutions.
•    Recognize the top Techniques of good decision-making.
Models Covered:
•    EI Model to handle difficult emotions
•    Setting Expectations Model
•    The S.C.O.R.E model for laying the roadmap
•    Problem Solving Cycles
•    Cognitive Biases
•    The NLP “Reframing Model”
•    Locus of Control Model
•    Affinity Diagrams
•    Star Bust Models Identifying symptoms and creating outcomes
•    The Problem Outcome Gap
•    Drill Down Technique
•    Fishbone Analysis
•    Lotus Blossom
•    Interrelationship Diagrams
•    S.W.O.T analysis 
•    6 thinking Hats
•    Whole Brain Brainstorming Model
•    Brainwriting model
•    Concept Fans
•    The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model
•    Grid Analysis
•    Walt Disney Strategy (Perceptual Positions)
•    Force Field Analysis
•    Various Mind Stimulating Exercises for creativity
•    Case Studies for Problem Solving

•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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