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Recruitment & Head Hunting

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The headhunting importance evolve from Being able to head-hunt allows you to handle vacancies that you would otherwise find impossible. It ensures that the candidates you put forward are the best available. Head-hunted candidates are highly in demand and unlikely to be available in the usual way the HR segment targeted for Head hunting are of a very rare skills  and of exclusive quality. Head-hunting is as applicable for junior positions as it is for senior ones. Head-hunted candidates can help you get full fee assignments too. 
This course is suitable for Managers wishing to add head -hunting to their skill set 
At the end of this course trainees will be able to:
•    Fathom the importance of recruitment and head hunting and its impact on the OD 
•    Have an advanced understanding to recruitment process
•    Evaluate recruiting sources and effort
•    Formalize their recruitment and headhunting knowledge 
•    Identify selection methods and Techniques
•    Identify best approach to headhunt and devise needed Attractions
•    Profile potential candidates 
•    Recruitment as a part of HR Planning
•    Recruitment process and Techniques
•    Skills and tools needed for effective recruitment
•    Importance of head hunting 
•    Hr segments targeted commonly targeted in the process
•    Head-hunting methodology 
•    Name Gathering and Profiling
•    Identifying candidate motivators 
•    The Head-hunt call & subsequent conversations 
•    Selling the benefits to the candidate 
•    Overview of fee structure & client pitch 
•    Objection/concern handling 
•    Managing the process
•    Managing the resignation ( tips to hold on to your talented employees
Target group:
•    Recruitment and HR Managers
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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