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What We Do

Business Advisory & Technical Consultancy & Training and Development

As the leading service provider, we pride ourselves in ultimately achieving our clients’ objectives by ensuring that our products feature top-notch experts in Business & Management, Human Resources and Skills Development, Finance & Taxes, Quality, Health Safety & Security, Environment, Energy, Oil and Gas, Facility Management, Project Management, Procurement & Contracts, Mining, Government and Public Sector, Strategic Management, Maintenance, Manufacturing and Engineering, Legal, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Infrastructure.

SETTEC’s Human Capital Management (HCM) services defines the character, personality and culture of any organization.  It also affects its capacity to perform efficiently and as a team, represents the knowledge base, competencies and the readiness to accept change. As such, effective strategic human capital management approaches serve as the cornerstone of any serious change management initiative. They must also be at the center of efforts to transform the cultures of any successful organization (organizational culture and its subcultures) so that they become less hierarchical, process-oriented, and inwardly focused; and more flat, results-oriented, integrated, and externally focused (towards better customer service excellence).

SETTEC’s Environmental Services grew to cover a wider scope namely Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (QHSSE). The majority of the projects, services, and experience are offered in Egypt and the Middle East directly or as a representative to American and European companies. The effectiveness, creativity, and credibility of SETTEC lies in its ability to link best practices and technologies to clients’ needs using an integrated approach to development, management and usage of resources. Our work starts with an assessment of clients’ needs within the broader framework of QHSSE services and is then followed by implementation. 

SETTEC is partner in the global cooperation Inogen Environmental Alliance, Inc. With offices located on every continent, more than 4,330 staff worldwide, and projects completed in more than 120 countries, Inogen provides for a geographic reach unparalleled in the industry.