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Assessment for Cleaner Production (CP)

SETTEC provide Cleaner Production to prevent pollution, reduce the use of energy, water and material resources and minimize waste, profitably and without reducing production capacity. It involves rethinking conventional methods to achieve marter’ products, product components, and production processes. This is throw Good House Keeping ‎‎(which offers low- or no-cost solutions), and Achieving Compliance in Industry ‎‎(ACI) ‎options – this is done through a process of screening, pre-assessment, assessment, and ‎full ‎assessment.‎
Our Assessment for Cleaner Production (CP) Services:

  • Phase I: (Planning and Organization Management Commitment)
    • Set up a Project Team;
    • Develop Environmental Plan for the Cleaner Production Assessment;
  • Phase II: Pre-Assessment (qualitative review) 
    • Company Description Process Flow Chart;
    • Walk-Through / Site Inspection;
    • Plan Assessment Phase;
  • Phase III: Assessment (quantitative review) 
    • Collection of Data;
    • Material Balance;
    • Identify Cleaner Production Options;
    • List Options;
  • Phase IV: Evaluation and Feasibility Study 
    • Preliminary Evaluation;
    • Technical Evaluation;
    • Economic Evaluation;
    • Non-Economic Evaluation;
  • Phase V: Implementation and Continuation Prepare an Action Plan 
    • Implementation of Cleaner Production Options;
    • Monitor Performance;
    • Sustain Cleaner Production Activities;


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