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Risk Management

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•    Risk is a part of everyday life, especially so when conducting business, whether our business is simple we are always subjected to risk
•    Risk management is a fast, upcoming and continuing resolution to dealing with strategic business planning and implementation.
•    The program addresses what is described as risk management, what it entails and how you can successfully integrate it into your business plans and strategies as a component of good management to enhance the opportunities for outstanding rewards and outcomes.
•    Identifying risk management issues
•    Guidelines for organizational risk management
•    Risk identification, analysis and evaluation
•    Risk treatment, recording, monitoring and review
•    Event management and business recovery/continuity
Duration / Venue / Conditions / Tools:
(1)    Will be from 09:00 to 03:00
(2)    Will last for three days with a total of 18 hours
(3)    Will be conducted in client’s premises.
(4)    Will be conducted in  English / Arabic language
(5)    Will have a maximum of 15 participants


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